Doosti, Farzaneh




Education Background:

  • BA in English Literature – Shahid Beheshti University
  • MA in English Literature – Shahid Beheshti University


Work Experience:

  • Journalist – Iran Book News Agency (IBNA) :
  • Columnist – Literature Book of the Month
  • Freelance Literary Translator and Researcher
  • Editor in Chief – Threshold Quarterly
  • Editor – New View Student Journal of Shahid Beheshti
  • Editor – Evergreen Student Bulletin of English Department, Shahid Beheshti University



Comparative Literature, Philosophy, Film, Poetry, Critical Theory, Photography, Swimming, Painting and Visual Arts, Blogging and Keeping Pets


Contact Info:


Contribution to Threshold:

  • Papers:
  1. “Metaphysical Poets De/Re-Canonized – Threshold 1”
  2. “The Structure of Narrative in Sir Thomas More’s Utopia – Threshold 2&3″
  3. “A Formalist Reading of Nasim Khalili’s “The Gray Deer” – Threshold 4&5”
  • An Interview: “Rosa Jamali, poet – Threshold 4&5”
  • A Poem: “Pastward Movement”
  • A Book Review:Camera Lucida: Roland Barthes on Photography”
  • Translation Workshops:In charge of Translation Workshops 1 – 2 – 3
  • Translations:
  1. Turtle Was Singing My Poem
  2. A Soldier on a Two-Hour Leave
  3. From the Forgotten Kisses of the Last Tryst [Mohamamd Tolouei’s]
  4. Sometimes that I Have Seen the Nightingale
  5. Winter for Love [M.M. Sepanloo]
  6. Off This Universe [Ahmadreza Ahmadi]


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