POEM 1.2: Winter Day



 Winter Day 


Shadi Ghazimoradi


What can you do

When it hurts to look back

When you think of all that came

All you lost, all you had.


All the games you played

All the footprints left empty

All the hallow promises

All the shadows of a fantasy.


What can you do

When you look ahead

To something that had no beginning,

How can you put an end?


For at the end of the tunnel

There seems to be no light

Only a shimmering reflection

Of what could, what might be


What can you do

When the only one who can stop your tears

Is the one who made you cry

And gave face to your fears.


What can you do

When the sweet-scented rose

It too, seems to scream

And bites you with its thorns.


When the ocean seems to cry

The wind howls in pain

When fire burns your joy

When clouds cry in rain





As bitter as it may be

It’s the sweet truth of life

It lies under every breath

Every tear, every smile.


But this, too, will pass

The sun follows the rain

Only the power of love

Can tear apart the chain.


So say what you will

And do what you may

But what can you do

On that lonely winter day?




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